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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stockton Sheriff Arrests Man For Impersonating Officer And Theft

A Stockton man has been arrested for posing as a San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy.vieng-keosavang-say

The sheriff’s department was contacted Thursday by a man that claimed Vieng Say Keosavang, dressed in a black uniform with a name tag, black duty belt and a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department patch on the uniform, said he was a correctional officer with the department and could get the man a job in booking.

The man reported to deputies that in order for this to happen, Keosavang wanted $75, a Department of Motor Vehicle printout and an identification card put in an envelope, which would be picked up at a later time.

When Keosavang was prompted by the man to show identification, the suspect claimed to not have any, authorities say.

With the assistance of the man, deputies set up a meeting with Keosavang on Friday in the 7900 block of West Lane. He was arrested upon arriving.

Deputies say, along with the items Keosavang allegedly used to impersonate a deputy, a Stockton Police Department ball cap and a Department of Corrections ball cap were discovered at his home in the 1500 block of East 10th Street.

Keosavang has never been employed by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department, investigators say. He was booked into San Joaquin County Jail on charges of impersonating an officer and petty theft.

Stockton Sheriff Arrests Man For Impersonating Officer And Theft « CBS Sacramento

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