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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Public Employee Retirement Centers

The following is from www.percusa.net  

Welcome to Curt Howard’s Public Employee Retirement Centers of America –PERC--website:

The Financial Advisor for Retiring Public Employees.

Since 1989, Mr. Howard has assisted retiring public employees with pre-retirement and retirement financial and investment planning. Curt and his team‘s total focus is to assist the retired or soon to be retired public employee retire with financial confidence.

Today’s public employee is presented with an ever more challenging and complicated retirement planning scenario. Recently, economic factors have caused public employers to shift some health care and pension expenses to their employees. This transfer of financial responsibility requires today’s retiring professional to pay particular attention to the financial tools and expertise currently available. Mr. Howard’s 20 years of experience providing financial and investment planning for public employees uniquely qualifies him to provide the expertise needed during these financially turbulent times. He is committed for the long run to the public employee community; his goal is to become your trusted advisor.

Curt specializes in 457 Deferred Compensation, Asset Allocation, Financial Planning and DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plans). His concentration on financial planning for public employees means you’ll be dealing with a professional who is “all in” with regard to the public employee community. As an Independent Investment Advisor, Mr. Howard is free to offer you a complete array of investment options. Because he is not beholding to any Bank, Credit Union, Insurance or Investment Company, Curt can tailor your plan to meet your individual needs and risk tolerances-- without conflict of interest concerns-- putting you and your financial future first.

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