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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Governor Brown Taking A Closer Look At AB 109

Fox 11Governor Brown is considering ideas that could potentially change AB 109, also known as the prison realignment plan.

Brown plans to shift low-level criminals from state prisons to county jails in order to reduce overcrowding as mandated by a federal court.

A recent study found more sex offenders who have violated parole are on the streets since realignment took effect in 2011. Some lawmakers say the bill has created more violent crime and point to recent high-profile cases as examples.

A group of Republicans have introduced several bills to alter realignment.

"Our point is we have some solutions to try and make AB 109 better." said Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway. "If that's not enough, then we better sit down and talk about this and get it out there and find those answers."

A spokesman for the Corrections Department said that it's premature to blame realignment for the increase in crime.


Anonymous said...

I would like that spokeperson for CDC to know how many officers were laid off due too AB109.Let them feel the pain and suffering we went thru not knowing you dont have a job and collecting unemployement.They can stick that premature statement where the sun dont shine.....im just saying

Anonymous said...

Should of took a closer look at it two years ago dip shit!