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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Former corrections officer released from custody in Ontario Mills kidnapping, rape case

Daily BulletinA former state corrections officer, who was a co-defendant in an Ontario Mills kidnapping and rape case, was released from custody today during a sentencing hearing in West Valley Superior Court, in Rancho Cucamonga.

Jeff Jelinek appeared before Judge Shahla Sabet, who gave Jelinek credit for time served in jail and sentenced him to 5 years 4 months in prison.

But because Jelinek provided testimony in the case against co-defendant Anthony Orban, he is being released. Jelinek, who previously pleaded guilty to charges of false imprisonment, accessory after the fact, and assault with a weapon, testified during Orban's trial as part of a plea bargain he made with prosecutors.

"The court deems that you have served your prison term and you will be released," Sabet said.

Orban was convicted last year of kidnapping the victim, a waitress, at gunpoint on April 3, 2010 in the mall parking lot and making her drive to a Fontana shopping center where he then beat and raped her.

The defense blamed the attack on prescription drugs that Orban was taking, including Zoloft.

The victim did not attend the hearing nor provide a statement. Jelinek's family and friends showed up in court to support him.

Jelinek's mother, who declined to give her name, said: 'I'm very happy. He should have never been here in the first place.'


Anonymous said...

Jelinek is a follower. This is good this happened to him so he will no longer be able to "follow" others while under the responsibility of being a peace officer. He was an asshole to work with and followed his partners to gain respect. Good riddance Jeff, and I hope your crimedog cop buddy that claims ptsd meds and alcohol made him rape this girl at gun point enjoys Mule Creek or wherever he goes. P.O.S.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear, he committed suicide! How convenient!

Anonymous said...

Jelinek is a POS and nothing more. I worked with this guy and agree with the earlier comments nothing but a follower. He wanted so much to be liked that he would do anything to fit in.

His mother made the statement that he did not belong in there. Yah right your son could have stopped this whole event from happening. But MRS. Jelinek your son is to much of a POS to think for himself! He showed this in his work life and his personal life.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I ever saw Jelinek do well at work was Sweat! Man when that guy walked the tier he would sweat all over the place. Disgusting fat slob!

Anonymous said...

Cypress Hall sweat hog and McGowans puppet. Shit following shit. Isnt interesting how they both got in trouble?

T Gonzalez said...

Jelly should return to cdcr and promoted to captain. If I were Jelly I would file and note about certain individuals who were promoted after taking pictures of their genitalia and sent them to other female co-workers.

Anonymous said...

if jelinek could of beat this and didnt get caught........u all would be luvin him,he just got caught not like the rest of u guy ,,,way to go gozalez

Anonymous said...

how about the co/went to crc to get his girlfreind g munoz......he gott off easy as well...can t do the time huh Gus