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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Expert hired to help lower suicide rate in state prisons gives up

The expert hired by a federal court to help California lower its prison suicide rate said in a report Wednesday he’s sosuicide-watch frustrated he’s going to stop trying.

In papers filed in federal court, Dr. Raymond Patterson condemned state prison officials for failing to reduce the inmate suicide rate, which he said is getting worse.

Patterson has analyzed inmate suicides in state prisons for more than a decade and made recommendations every year on how prison officials could reduce the suicide rate.

In his report on 2012 suicides, Patterson wrote that his recommendations go “unheeded, year after year,” while suicides “continue unabated.” Patterson concluded that state prison officials just don’t care about the issue, and that making any more recommendations would be “a further waste of time and effort."

“This is a perfect example of deliberate indifference,” said Jane Kahn, an attorney for inmates who sued the state to provide them with adequate mental health care. The federal judge in the case ordered life-saving improvements years ago, she said……Expert hired to help lower suicide rate in state prisons gives up | 89.3 KPCC


Anonymous said...

So this dumb shit's ideas did not work, makes it our fault??!! This is typical insane thinking of a liberal shit bag. Trying to stop the scum of the earth from killing themselves is the wrong thing to be doing. Just give them a diaper when they say "I am going to kill myself", tell them to put the diaper on before they kill themselves, so we do not have to clean up the shit and piss they leave behind,,,,then if they do it call the mortician and tell them to bill they family,,,

Anonymous said...

Well were not letting them out fast enough and we are running out of bed space. It is our way of making vacancies.

Relavent said...

The expert may need a couch session more than any of the inmates held by the state. This self proclaimed genius hasn't figured out the fact there is really little he can do to stop the suicides of those with real intentions. Someone may want to keep and eye on this character because he may be ready to crack.

Take the money and run Doc that's what the previous leader of the department did. That guy may be able to help you get over it as he obviouly has done. Don't think he's losing any sleep over the damaged done to the department under his pathetic watch. Doc you didn't notice the golden parachute when he bailed out before the job was done. Landed himself a county gig now that's purely self serving ki$$ a$$ genius! Maybe you can help the counties as well. I think they may have the same problems with suicides. So don't give up just yet, there's still hope for your cause.

Anonymous said...

That's the difference between dumb ass liberals and us, we care for the victims and good people, they care for the scum-bag criminals and themselves.

Start public hangings back up, like the old west. It was the perfect justice system, and no appeals process/aka bullshit stalling

Anonymous said...

lets do like Cuba and China, no hangings and such, harvesting. You need an organ, they find it in an inmate, clean one of course, and take it and all the others in there for the "good of mankind"