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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Corrections officer poses as a cop to coerce prostitutes for free sex

The TrentonianA senior corrections officer at Trenton State Prison was arrested on Thursday for allegedly posing a police officer to get free sex from prostitutes under the threat of arrest, according to the attorney general’s office.

The investigation into Juan Stevens, 50, of Burlington City using the fake cop schtick to score with ladies of the night remains ongoing, but authorities found that Stevens had been doing his deeds as far back as as 2011 with at least four prostitutes,

In September 2011, Stevens asked an escort to meet him in a residence in Philadelphia for sex. Once at the house, Stevens identified himself as a police officer by flashing a badge. He told the woman he would let her go if she gave him oral sex, which she did.

In January 2012, Stevens allegedly called another escort and offered her $300 to meet him in a Maple Shade motel for sex. Once at the motel, Stevens produced a badge identifying himself as a police officer and demanded to see the woman’s identification. Stevens examined the ID and then demanded oral sex from the woman, which the woman complied because she feared arrest. Stevens allegedly asked for oral sex free of charge from the woman two more times in February and March.

On Feb. 24, 2012, Stevens agreed to meet another woman at a Westampton hotel to pay $125 for 30 minutes of sex. At the hotel, Stevens flashed his badge and said he was conducting a prostitution sting. He said “stand down” into his cell phone and then began fondling a woman. The woman, fearing arrest, had sex with him for free before reporting the incident to Westampton Police. continue reading...


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The only free oral I ever got was my wife yelling at me lol

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