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Friday, March 1, 2013

CCPOA says it will pay multimillion-dollar defamation award

After years of court fighting and a failed appeal, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association is negotiating details to pay nearly $5 million to a former business associate defamed, a federal jury said, by union officials.

"The association is going to pay the award," union spokesman JeVaughn Baker said in a telephone interview this afternoon.

A federal jury said in 2010 that that CCPOA officials had ruined Brian Dawe's name and his livelihood over a business dispute and awarded him a total $12 million in damages. Presiding Judge Lawrence Karlton found the sum excessive and reduced it to $4.96 million.

CCPOA appealed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. A three-judge panel upheld the trial court decision last month.

The union could have asked the full appellate court to hear the case or it could have taken it to the U.S. Supreme Court. With Dawe's court costs kicked in, CCPOA's total obligation is around $5 million.

Baker and Dawe attorney Daniel Baxter both said today that the two sides are negotiating the details of the payment. While CCPOA was appealing the trial court decision -- and Dawe was asking the court to restore the jury's higher award -- CCPOA put $3 million into an escrow account and secured the balance with property, including its West Sacramento headquarters.

The union says it now has the money on hand to pay the full amount. Talks between the two sides have centered on the "mechanics of releasing the funds from the court account and also covering the remaining amount of the judgment with additional, non-deposited funds," Baxter said in an email.

The State Worker: CCPOA says it will pay multimillion-dollar defamation award


Anonymous said...

our union oligarchs at their union dues best, and yet they are still running the show. Who's FUCKEN fault is it they are still running the show??

Anonymous said...

Wow that's great the union has has millions just layin around almost coming out the wazu. Well hell I'm gonna sue the bean company for 15 million cause beans made me have gas for weeks and its ruined my livelihood because they call me stinky. Man this states a joke!

Anonymous said...

Great. This means our dues should be going up soon to pay for "fearless leaders."

Anonymous said...

Because some dumbass got his lil feelings hurt and no one wants to play with him so now he wants money. But hey if ccpoa let's people sue like this and cough up millions than who's the bigger dumbasses, I hope I don't hurt no ones feelings. I think we all need a hug!

Anonymous said...

Get a raise CCPOA praise themselves with a little more cash from us to payoff the stupity of someone shooting off at the mouth. No doubt it wasn't for the benefit of the members, but the checks to cover it comes right out of our pockets. Just like the no interest penalty we're paying the state. Without the change that is long over due, others will be lining up for a chance to sue.