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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Calipatria correctional officer arrested for sexual acts with a minor

KSWT 13Law enforcement agents arrested a corrections officer for engaging in sexual activity with a underage girl. FBI and homeland security arrested 28 year old Manuel Gonzales a Calipatria State Prison Officer at his home in Heber Wednesday morning.

The FBI would not say exactly what type of sexual contact Manuel Gonzales had with an underage girl. However, an FBI spokesperson would say Gonzales used a cell phone to contact the girl to meet up with her and to engage in unlawful sexual activity via text messaging.

According to the FBI Gonzales has been under their radar since late last year after they received a tip about his relationship with an underage girl. Gonzales has been a corrections officer at Calipatria State Prison for four years. The FBI says Gonzales now faces felony charges of enticement of a minor.

Calipatria state prison officials at this time they tell me Gonzales has not been placed on administrative leave - until they learn more about the case.

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