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Saturday, March 23, 2013

California wants control of prison mental health care

APNearly two decades after a court takeover of California's prison mental health system, a federal judge is set to consider this week whether the billions of dollars invested by California taxpayers have improved conditions enough that he can return control to the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown argues that the state has done enough to improve inmates' care. Yet inmates' attorneys and the court's own supervisors say conditions remain so poor that they still violate prisoners' basic rights.

They say inmates die by suicide at the rate of one every 11 days, the state still has too few mental health staff and beds, and inmates can wait weeks before they receive treatment.

The state and inmates' attorneys will argue Wednesday before U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton in a Sacramento courtroom.


Anonymous said...

Of course all the California liberals are gonna say this crap. It's not our fault that these disgraces to society don't wanna live anymore.

Pat M. Down said...

In SVSP, Mental health inmate in DSH program, get to play Wii, have day rooms, yard, tv dinner, group therapy, karaoke, dance classes, movie every day on 46" LCD tv in the day room, TV 6 am- 10 pm everyday, pleanty of happy pills, get paid $10 a week on good behavior and yoga clasess. Better than living under a bridge.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, but since the inmates (clients/stake holders) do not get their own 46 inch tvs, that is cruel and in-humane treatment. No take back at this time,,,,