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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

California Counties now facing inmate lawsuits

APCalifornia has spent billions of dollars and endured years of federal lawsuits to improve conditions in its state prisons.

But the problems it has been trying to correct are now trickling down to local governments as county jails deal with thousands of additional inmates.

Law firms advocating for inmates' rights sued or threatened lawsuits against a handful of California counties because of Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to send lower-level offenders to jails instead of state prisons as a way to comply with a federal court order.

The lawsuits allege overcrowding and other subpar conditions that led to the legal actions against the state's prison system are repeating at the county level. They note jails designed for short-term stays are flooded with thousands of inmates, many of whom serving long sentences.


Anonymous said...

It is all a way for másters to continúe siphonong billions of compare from fax payers pockets and line thier own. When will it stop?

Relavent said...

Who couldn't see this coming only the conveniently blind mice of California's politicians, state and federal judges, and the reluctant leadership in charge of cdcr when AB-109 was becoming the mistake it currently is.

Anonymous said...

The counties will do the following,
Tell the courts to F/O
Then send all the "extra" inmates to the state.

Anonymous said...

Tripple bunks in the gyms will return.

Bill Charette said...

We tried to tell the steeple of California, but nooooooo. We work in the field told all of you tax payers to watch out because they were several major law suits the State of California lost,, Valdavia, Armstrong and Coleman. Most of these were time sensitive and the State has a greater chance of meeting these lawful time restrictions. One of the major reasons J Brown created this "public safety realignment" fiasco, is first to reduce overcrowding ordered by the Feds 6 years ago, but more importantly to get out from under these 3 law suits that have cost the state billions. Instead of one law suit vs the State, Jerry now has placed the responsibility of these 3 lawsuits upon the counties.
This means instead of one (1) lawsuit, he has created the means for 58 lawsuits.... One for each county. The AB109 funds that Jerry Brown and his band of liars promised, to include the Prop 30 funds the ignorant citizens, brainwashed by the media voted for, will not be able to pay for. These 3 cases alone could bankrupt half the counties in California. But, Jerry Brown really doesn't care, because crime is no longer his problem... It's the greedy counties that thought the money's they would receive would be their savior to their budget problems.
With crime at an all time high, FACT, not some media BS, and the counties not getting all the monies promised.... Who are the dummies now?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...thats right, told all my partners that the gyms would be back by summer 2013. Notice how all the joints took them down, but didnt throw them out? Bunks are sittin on ice...break glass in case of emergency!