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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boxing legend traded gloves for badge as CDCR Correctional Officer

A Sacramento boxing legend works for CDCR as a Correctional Officer.Garza-solo

“Loreto Garza was one of the best boxers to come out of Sacramento and a fierce competitor in the ring,” according to his nomination for the Sacramento Sports Hall of Fame.

Officer Garza began his career with the California Youth Authority in 1992 as a Group Supervisor. He transferred to the California Medical Facility (CMF) in 2005 and is currently a Correctional Officer assigned to the Transportation Team.

His attention to detail and sound communication skills have made him a valuable resource to CMF.

“World Champion” is just not a title for Loreto, it’s the way he leads his life. He consistently displays a positive and professional demeanor that makes him a true champion.

Officer Garza said he joined CDCR to provide his services to the public by safeguarding the community. He said his years of boxing experience helped him to prepare mentally each day for work, always alert and focused.

He called it a huge honor to represent CDCR, one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the world.

Officer Garza had a successful boxing career that started at age 18. For three years, he won the Golden Gloves award and made the United States Boxing Team…….Boxing legend traded gloves for badge as CDCR Correctional Officer | Inside CDCR


Anonymous said...

so now that he is out in the public eye, the inmates with cell phones and internet access will be trying to get him to "take them down" and then make that "accusation" and the state and ccpoa will kick him to the curb and say he used "excessive" or "unnecessary" force. Then loose his job and the inmate will sue and win,,,,

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he was younger but he looks tired and a little flabby now

Anonymous said...

No disrespect,he looks shot out.CDC really put a toll on his health from the pic.

Andrew Calandrelli said...

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