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Thursday, March 21, 2013

8 Norteño gang members accused of drug trafficking

A two-day operation with federal, state and local authorities led to the arrest of eight Nuestra Familia gang members on drug related charges.

"This Central Valley Gang Impact Task Force operation exemplifies how multi-jurisdictional, collaborative FBI Safe Streets Task Forces successfully investigate and disrupt violent criminal gang activity in our communities," Sacramento FBI Special Agent in Charge Herbert M. Brown said. "Takedowns such as the effort in Modesto and Turlock today demonstrate the commitment of the FBI and its task force partners to improving of the quality of life in our communities by removing individuals who traffic dangerous drugs and commit violent crimes from our streets."

The eight suspects were arrested after a federal grand jury charged them with intent to distribute meth and various drug trafficking charges on March 7:

  • Gary Romero, aka Pizza, aka Cesar, aka Pepperoni, 47, of Stockton (arrested Saturday)
  • Joe Anthony Gomez Felix, aka Gator, aka Bullet, 33, of Modesto (arrested on Tuesday)
  • Danny Richard Edwin Brown, aka D-boy, 37, of Modesto (arrested on Tuesday)
  • Salvador Raymond Deleon Rodriguez, and aka Sal, aka Fat Shark, 37, of Ceres (arrested Wednesday)
  • Maximilano Sanchez, aka Max, 38, of Turlock (arrested Wednesday)
  • Victor Barrajas Arriola, aka Twinky, 32, of Ceres (arrested Wednesday)
  • Jesse Israel Alarcon, 23, of Modesto (arrested on Tuesday)
  • Carlos Lopez, 45, Turlock, was arrested in December 2012 on an indictment filed on December 5, 2012 that charged him with being a felon in possession of a firearm………8 Norteño gang members accused of drug trafficking | news10.net

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