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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Suspect in grandmother's killing has lengthy criminal history

News 10 A Stockton man accused of killing and raping his own grandmother earlier this week has a lengthy criminal history, and was regularly arrested and released from the San Joaquin County Jail.

"In the last year, he's been in and out of custody on parole violations at least five times, and upward to 11 times, in and out of custody during that year," said Deputy District Attorney Sherri Adams.

Tuesday, 39-year-old Jerome Deavila was arrested and charged with the crimes. The body of his grandmother, 76-year-old Rachel Russell, was found in the backyard of her east Stockton home.

California Department of Corrections records show Deavila was arrested 12 times since last May on drug and failing to appear charges. His most recent court appearance was Feb. 19.

"He [pled] guilty for failure to register [as a sex offender]. He received a 30-day sentence and was released the next day [by] the San Joaquin County Jail," said Adams. continue reading...

1 comment:

B-Polished said...

Another one of AB109's finest. Now a family has to deal with the loss of a grandmother and the disgraceful actions from the hands of a family outcast.

If he was incarcerated for those violations under the "old" rules, that grandmother would not have been violated and killed.

How many more needless victims will it take to prove that AB109 is putting California citizens at risk?
I'm Just Sayin...