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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sacramento area sees reported crime jump last year (THANKS AB109)

Sacramento area residents reported more murders, robberies, rapes and thefts to police last year than during 2011, ending a string of consecutive annual crime declines, according to statistics from nine of the largest law enforcement agencies in the region.

Few areas went unscathed. In the city of Sacramento, violent crime rose 5 percent. In the Sacramento County sheriff's jurisdiction, it rose 12 percent.

Folsom, Roseville, Rancho Cordova and West Sacramento each saw violent crime reports increase by 15 percent or more.

The jump marks at least a pause in the long-term decline in crime generally seen across the Sacramento region and the nation. The U.S. violent crime rate in 2011 was roughly half the rate from 1991.

The FBI is still collecting year-end crime totals for agencies nationwide. But data for the first six months of the year indicated that the nation, too, was seeing a modest crime increase……Sacramento area sees reported crime jump last year - Our Region - The Sacramento Bee


Relavent said...

No the statistics have to be wrong Mike Jimenez is behind AB-109, it has to be the greatest piece of legislation in the world. Even though AB-109 basically screwed the members of the CCPOA.

Who is Jimenez representing CCPOA members or CDCR management, cause it sure seems like the latter when things really matter for dues paying members!

Anonymous said...

At this point we all know AB109 was a horrible decision made. And now cities that had high crime have higher crime. All directly related to AB109. The governor and those who supported this bill should all be ashamed of themselves.

They should be responsible enough to know they need to retract this bill, by the way you can all goto change.org and vote to rescind the bill.

We can all stand idle and watch the damage unfold, or we can take action. Speak up!

Anonymous said...

The only difference between MJ and the inmates is the side of the wall there on! This guy is a creep and makes me ashamed to be a member. Don't be fooled by the EC that they got our backs and are looking out for our interest only. They do and say what's best for them and not its members. They have paid millions into fighting the state over court cases we never won or had a chance to win, are now paying out millions to settle a law suit, what else they haven't told us or been caught yet doing. It's high time that thug MJ steps down, if he is so confident of the job he is doing, lets get a private company to hold a vote for all members to either keep him or toss him out. I'm guessing it would be so "so long MJ". Let the members voice our disapproval with him by a vote and settle this once and for all!