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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New $24M prison mental health center opens

California prison officials are opening a $24 million treatment center for mentally ill inmates as they urge a federal judge to end his oversight of the state's correctional system.

The 44,000-square-foot building at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville opened Thursday. It includes rooms where inmates will undergo outpatient therapy, as well as offices for therapists.

The state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation says it has spent more than $1.3 billion since 2009 on facilities to improve inmates' mental health care. That aspect of prison operations is being overseen by a court-appointed monitor.

Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard said the treatment center shows that the state is committed to providing a constitutional level of care and that federal oversight should end.

New $24M prison mental health center opens | Sacramento News - KCRA Home

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Constitutional level of care? Give me a break!

I'm sure when the founding fathers wrote the constitution they never meant for pieces of shit criminals to be guaranteed great medical coverage.

If a person wants or needs gold plated healthcare then get a job and earn it, don't expect tax payers to foot the bill via prison healthcare!

The only good thing that comes of this is more jobs for my brothers/sisters of corrections.

As far as inmates getting healthcare, it's called prison but it's more like a country club resort. When did criminals start being looked at as medical patients and victims?

They are not victims, they victimize! They are all in bad health because they abuse drugs while on the streets. That's not the states fault. And the state shouldn't be liable to treat them.