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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fugitive rapist captured, his father arrested

A convicted rapist was captured in Mexico, and his father - a California Highway Patrol assistant chief - was arrested for allegedly helping him flee, authorities said.

Spencer Scarber, 20, was returned Saturday to Fresno after Mexican authorities took him into custody in Acapulco on Thursday, the Fresno Bee reported ( http://bit.ly/ZkLlSc).

Scarber was convicted in absentia on rape, robbery and burglary charges in December. He fled Fresno County three days before his conviction.

His parents and his older sister were arrested Saturday on suspicion of felony conspiracy to help a fugitive escape. His father, 49-year-old Kyle Scarber, is an assistant chief with the CHP's Central Division.

The patrol said in a statement it would conduct a separate investigation into Kyle Scarber's alleged involvement. The father was released from jail Sunday after posting bail.

The son remained held without bail………Fugitive rapist captured, his father arrested - AP State News - The Sacramento Bee


Anonymous said...

got to love it when a CHP does what would considered by the media to be a cdc-r crime,,,,

Relavent said...

Why would this crime be considered a cdcr crime, please explain? This particular crime has nothing to do with the job selection of employees, it is simply the hearts of loved ones misguided by strong emotional ties that at times clouds the rational judgements of people.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! @the end of the day,nobody gives a rats ass.As long it doesnt effect you or any loved ones.We are all grown adults and we make our own decisions in life,good or bad.We reap what we sow...:)

Anonymous said...

media just thinks we do this stuff not the "benevolent" CHP,,, guess you did not see the sarcasm,,,my kids know they are on their own if they commit a crime