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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brazen robbers try prison escape (CIM)

Two men convicted in a series of armed robberies around California, including two bold and dangerous heists at the Fashion Valley mall and Barona casino, tried to escape from a prison in Chino, two San Diego lawyers said.

Ryan McKnight, 35, and Robert Chavira, 41, have been identified as suspects in last month’s failed escape attempt at the California Institute for Men, said a San Diego prosecutor and a lawyer who represented one of the men during the trial.

McKnight suffered some cuts when he became entangled in barbed wire.

Lt. Dirk Williams, who works at the Chino facility, would not say McKnight and Chavira were involved. He said an attempted escape occurred on Jan. 18, when two inmates tried to scale an inner fence. The inmates made some kind of device to aid the effort, but they were unable to get beyond the yard where they were contained, Williams said.

Guards stopped the men, who have since been transferred to other prisons.

McKnight and Chavira were convicted late last year in San Diego Superior Court of more than two dozen felony charges stemming from robberies in San Diego, Santa Clara, Orange and Riverside counties in 2011…..Brazen robbers try prison escape | UTSanDiego.com

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