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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snyder County Prison guard fired for Taser prank

A Snyder County Prison guard has been fired for using a Taser on a nurse inside the jail after she pulled a prank on him.

The guard, Randy Lee Noll, 27, of 360 Decker Road, Middleburg, is appealing his termination from the job he’d held for about three years.

“It’s unjust,” Teamsters Local 764 President Jimmy Little said. “He should be disciplined, but discharging him is too high.”

Warden Ruth Rush said county officials have “no tolerance for pranks” and would not comment further on Noll’s termination while it’s under appeal.

Rush said she was shocked to learn the details of the incident, which took place at about 9:30 p.m. Oct. 15 inside the 600 Old Colony Road jail.

According to state police at Selinsgrove, Rebecca J. Bickhart, a nurse employed by Prime Care Medical to work at the jail, was joking with Noll in the main control and intake area.

Bickhart admitted playing a prank involving Noll’s lunch box, prompting Noll to get a Taser from a locked cabinet, court records said.

Armed with the weapon used to control unruly inmates in certain situations, Noll allegedly cornered Bickhart in a holding cell and shocked her with a Taser on her right forearm, which left two red marks……Snyder County Prison guard fired for Taser prank » News » The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA


Anonymous said...

“It’s unjust,” Teamsters Local 764 President Jimmy Little said. “He should be disciplined, but discharging him is too high.”

wow, teamsters works for guards?? No way,,,,,ccpoa says they do not,,,,

Anonymous said...

I think such a prank warrants termination. You don't taze people just like you don't shoot them with a direct impact 40.

I agree with the warden on that one.

A DVI cop~

Anonymous said...

Oh I agree too, but I am showing that Teamsters is a labor organization unlike ccpoa that is a liaison for management

IiHateDirtBags said...

Cdcrlaw is the way to go for representation against management. "F" ccpoa.

B-Polished said...

Teamsters represent Correctional Officers in may states around the country. They also represent many county and city Peace Officers.
Last year the Teamsters won a large raise for C/O's in PA and the ability to represent Florida State C/O's.

Do the home work...
CCPOA is NOT our only possible representation.
I'm Just Sayin...