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Friday, January 11, 2013

Off-duty deputy shoots, kills family pet

Cape Coral family members are not hiding their feelings about an off-duty Lee County Corrections officer who shot and killed their pit bull named Sassy.

The corrections officer told investigators the dog came at him in an aggressive manner before he pulled out his agency issued gun and shot her.

Sassy's owner, Carissa Correia, admits the dog wasn't on a leash; but she says Sassy didn't deserve to die.

She says she doesn't understand why the off-duty corrections officer opened fire – saying he walked away without a scratch on him.

"She was the most loving sweet dog anyone can imagine. Just because she's a pit doesn't mean you have a right to shoot her," she said. "He shot her twice in the throat and side of the neck."

Friday, she walked us through what happened Thursday afternoon.
She says she ran out of her home to find Sassy - lifeless - just two houses down on her northwest Cape Coral street.

"She was lying on her back. She was gone. There was nothing I could do," she described.

The loss hits home for Correia's entire family.

"I haven't gotten over crying for her. I miss her love. I'm going to miss her love," said Carissa's mother, Maureen.

She says seven-year-old Sassy was getting old and doesn't believe she'd ever attack anyone…..Off-duty deputy shoots, kills family pet - NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida


Anonymous said...

Keep pets on leashes if you want to keep them. Bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Said the guy with cats!

Anonymous said...

Nope hate cats.

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