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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Galt Officers Mourn Loss of One of Their Own

Galt Police mourned the loss of one of their own Tuesday, after Officer Kevin Tonn was shot and killed by a suspected burglar.

Talking to the burglary suspect on F Street brought Kevin Tonn face to face with the man who would take his life.

“His loss is extremely tragic to us and to the community. Officer Tonn was an extremely proactive officer. He was a very friendly officer. Everybody in town knew him,” said Galt Police Lieutenant Jim Uptegrove.

Galt’s whole force could fit into a public school classroom at just 36 strong.

Dangerous circumstances prevented members of that police family from returning fire once they knew one of their own was in trouble.

“Our officers were not able to return fire because of the position of cover that they were trying to keep,” said Uptegrove.

Witnesses watched terrified as the conversation Tonn started turned into a fatal fight.

“They struggled and heard two, three shots fired,” said Don Schmidt.

It appears the man pointed out to police by witnesses ran into a field and shot himself.

“There is a handgun lying in very close proximity to the deceased suspect on the other side of the railroad tracks,” said Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jason Ramos…..Galt Officers Mourn Loss of One of Their Own | KTXL FOX40

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