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Thursday, January 31, 2013

County Probation Tracking AB 109 Parolees

KCOY Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo - News

Fox 11The prison realignment program under Assembly Bill 109 sends non-violent, lower-level parolees back to the county where their violations took place.

Central Coast News was there in the aftermath of a shooting near the corner of Curryer and Cypress Streets last Saturday night in Santa Maria.

Police say it was a gang-related drive-by shooting that sent an unidentified victim to the hospital with a gunshot wound he's expected to recover from.

Santa Maria Police have since arrested Uriel Delgado and Pedro Ramirez, claiming they are both documented street gang members, and charged them both with attempted murder.

SMPD says Pedro Ramirez was found to be on post community release supervision as a result of AB 109 which as been in effect for over a year.

"In the first year, while we can't compare really yet the recidivism rate for the state and the county, we have seen some numbers that are very promising", says Santa Barbara County Chief Probation Officer Beverly Taylor, "in the first year we've had 28 offenders who's most serious conviction is a felony conviction, and that's just 6.8% of the total population." continue reading...

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