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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Respect the Muscle Cars

1967 Pontiac GTO Convertable

Many of us at DVI are car enthusiasts. We love to take care of our rides. If you have reconditioned or customized a car or bike, you understand the amount of work and dedication it takes to finish such a project.

We can also agree that this is a beautiful car! When this car goes down the road it can’t help but attract attention. The classic lines and design of the GTO makes it a favorite for many enthusiasts. The power of it's engine has been unquestionable since its beginnings and there has always been a lot of respect for the GTO and its capabilities. Many other cars were based on the design and power of the GTO. 

A lot of hard work went in to ensuring that this body is straight. Hours of metal grinding and filling in any dents, dings, scratches, pots, or any other form of imperfection to ensure that the body is without flaw. Painstaking labor of sanding, priming, and paint matching went in to create a prefect uniformed color of red. Hours of waxing, polishing, buffing, and reconditioning went in to finishing this beautiful car back to showroom condition. Finding exact match, one of a kind chrome pieces was almost impossible. And the interior!!! I won’t even begin how difficult just finding the original knobs for the dash could be. But the outcome speaks for itself. Everyone can admit – this is a nice car. It looks great!

Unfortunately, as you can see below, the problem is with the engine under the hood. No work has been put into fixing the engine. So much time and effort has gone into making it look nice, you may begin to realize you concentrated on the clean up instead of fixing problems, which may have made them worse. You may want to fix the mechanical problems but they just keep piling up and getting worse and worse.

No matter how it looks, it’s still not appreciated because you abused what made this car a legend. You continue to abused and misuse the engine that makes this car run. All the paint and polish can make it look good, but if you continue to mistreat the engine, you’re still going to have problems.

Same '67 GTO's engine
Well, this car is DVI. I don’t care how much battleship gray and eggplant purple colored paint you use, the problem remains to be an abused, mistreated, non-maintained engine. Yeah, it looks good but there’s a lot wrong.

I have seen a well oiled ‘engine’ become reduced to a bunch of separate parts that barely work together. It’s not because we don’t know our job, it’s because we are being driven into the ground. Even though we are told how much we are appreciated, actions speak louder than words. With most cars, you can find the problem by seeing how the owner drives the car. Same goes at DVI.

We have heard that so much is beyond one’s control. That’s difficult to swallow when it is the one’s written recommendation that is followed, even though the matrix may have other options that are not as harsh, but more justifiable in punishment. The recommendation may be adhered to on the advice of others, but it’s the one with their foot on the gas that’s in control.

All can see the problems by watching who is in the driver’s seat. You can’t ignore certain problems or blame another if the major issue is so obvious. You definitely won’t fix anything by beating the engine with a pipe wrench.
I’m Just Sayin…


Anonymous said...

All that just to work in a picture of a car?

Relavent said...

Excellent analogy of DVI.

Anonymous said...

if you work at DVI we can all relate to this posting. I'm SPEECHLESS!!!!

Relavent said...

There is a signature laughter that has been banished from the corridors of DVI. Luckily he was already retired from the department. Otherwise the situation would be even uglier then it has been for all concerned. The man himself and those who have worked with and for him. Unfortunately, he volunteered to work in a position where his experience proved vital in the correct placement of a very dangerous individual. Although, his decision an instinct were right. The decision of someone else related to an event on the following day made him basically a scapegoat. As a consequence, of mistakes made before and after he interviewed an inmate. Think about this if you were exonerated of any wrong doings. Why would your release from duties have any connections to the horrible incident you had no hand in causing. DVI is a vicious meat grinder of innocent personnel and career saver of beloved wrong doers. hypocriscy reigns supreme regardless of who dictates the schemes.