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Thursday, April 28, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me the level of effort people will put into staying ignorant. That's not an insult, its the truth. I was once one of them.

I have spent a great deal of time writing and producing PROOF about what I am writing about and trying to get it out to the members across this state. I have done so because I am tired of whats going on. Simple as that.

Of course, there are people out there that swear I am doing it because I want Marques Jones to win his bid for presidency, wrong. You know why its wrong? Because even if he won, unless the membership of this Association wakes up out of its pathetic state of apathy there is not a single man that could be elected who can change the damage that has been done. Its on us as a membership and to dismiss truth and facts is nothing more than an excuse to live in continued blindness.

You have your Chapter Presidents across this state that try and say what I am doing is because I am "mad" and that I am a "sellout" because I contracted with CCPOA (at my request) during the Jerry Brown campaign. "They bought him tires for his car" they say. Your damn right they did, I drove thousands of miles and I did a good job doing it. Interestingly enough, some of those Chapter Presidents spent years living off of a CCPOA dime in their time of need and still collect money for rackets they have set up that CCPOA funds. You have other Chapter Presidents that enjoy their positions on certain committees and the perks that come with them so much that they are afraid to speak out in fear they might lose their spot, they could care less about the membership losing their jobs, but they don't want to lose their spot.

We have not produced any of the information that we have for any other reason than to WAKE UP THE MEMBERSHIP! Without that happening, CCPOA is doomed. Until the membership of this Association spends an equal amount of effort FIGHTING for whats right as they do bitching and moaning they will continue to be sheep that sound like a flock of crybabies. So many search out any excuse not to listen, not to fight, to dismiss and stick their heads back in the sand. EVEN IF I WAS DOING THIS SIMPLY TO GET MARQUES ELECTED WOULD THAT CHANGE THE FACT THAT EVERYTHING I HAVE WRITTEN HAS OCCURRED!!!!!???? Me writing this stuff isnt telling you to vote for Marques, its telling you to get rid of the people that continue to support it, that continue to lie to you that continue to threaten your future.

Here is a better one. People get mad because "you are airing our dirty laundry". SO F'ING WHAT!! WE SHOULDN'T HAVE DIRTY LAUNDRY!! So what would you have us do, continue to support it so we can keep it "in house"? Please, save that ignorant juvenile response for someone that orbits the earth in a alternate reality. I know that reality because I use to be in it. Wake up!!

So many of you have been presented with facts and without speaking to you personally I could not tell you if your Local President or Board is lying to you but you can answer that for yourself. You can pay attention to how they vote on the motions that will be coming out at the next State Board Meeting. YOU CAN GET RID OF THEM!

I could care less how you vote on the contract. Just vote. Honestly, If you all stand up and fight I could care less how you vote at the next election (minus voting for Chuck Alexander or someone else in their crew). Just make your self a real member with a real voice. That has been our goal all along. Anyone that tells you different is probably knee deep in protecting their own little corner of BS that is paid for by your dues.

If this letter has offended you, than it probably applies to you.

Be safe
Ian Pickett


Relavent said...

The alarm has gone off numerous times within the last 6 years. Unfortunately, people wake up long enough to keep hitting the snooze bar on reality. Fear is the motivating force in CDCR that transfers by osmosis to the CCPOA. When you are afraid to address wrong doings because of the power of those over them there is a lack of trust in the system because there is obviously no integrity. We've been exposed to and burnt by the harsh realities of such madness here at DVI. Can it be the membership has been institutionalized and just accept BS, simply because it's become business as usual. I for one truly hope that is not the case.

B-Polished said...

For a union membership that is supposed to be based on leadership for the incarcerated, we have become sheep to anything outside of the position of C/O.

You are one of few that will still speak on injustices done by any position of authority. I guess that makes you one of those troublemakers that won't go along with the rest of the sheep.

It was always taught to question everything so those in power will continue to have checks and balances.

Unfortunately, there are more questions than ever of those in power at every position. But the loudest questions return to the people who raise the most important of topics. Something seems to be misguided with that scenario.

Though you may be frustrated, don't give up. You are needed to raise these topics for discussion. Not enough others are doing it that should be.

Stay on topic and don't get lost in your frustrations where you are the only one understanding what point you are trying to make. There's already enough of those out there that cloud the waters.
I'm Just Sayin...