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Sunday, August 22, 2010


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CCPOA holds just as much responsibility as everyone else does. They forgot what their job was and what they were supposed to fight for. CCPOA leadership got greedy because they were able to get almost anything they wanted, including money, from previous ‘friendly’ governors. The union telegraphed their next move and the state was ready for it. With Schwarzenegger, too much emphasis was placed on posturing to prove who the toughest leader was between the governor’s office and CCPOA elected representatives. Like two Baboons shaking branches and beating their chests over control of the jungle no one wants responsibility for. They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. I guess another definition would be to face the same opponent with the same strategy and expect to win again. The fight became personal between CCPOA’s leadership and the state administrative offices. Now there’s so many personal lawsuits flying around both offices neither side will take the other serious enough to actually sit down to hash out differences and we, the union members are caught in the middle.

They forgot that negotiating is not easy as Checkers. It’s more complex and strategic like Chess. CCPOA thought they were going to intimidate a self absorbed, union loathing governor and lost. What happened to the work that CCPOA was doing to show the public the job that we do in an attempt to win the support of the ‘private sector’? While the governors’ office places spin on whatever he wants in the press about us, we hear almost nothing from CCPOA to counteract any misguided information given to the press. No more advertisements in newspapers, magazines, radio, or television except for our own website and newsletter which is kind of preaching to the choir. We only hear small little snippets of out of context press releases that do nothing for our membership or our struggle for a fair contract. We have gone without a contract longer than any other state worker union in California. I can see that used as our next slogan:
                          CCPOA - Our job is so tough, we don’t need no stinking contract!
CCPOA’s inability to remain focused for which they represent has become a liability.

What hurts me more than anything is that we give them the ammunition they need or want to prove any case against us. Instead of throwing the rules and safety policies back at them, we cut corners so that we finish our duties. Even as they cut positions, redirect officers, and run units short staffed, we do what is needed to complete our daily responsibilities. We would rather shave some time to complete a task quickly than complete it safely or leave it incomplete and log the reasons why. We want to show our worth by being able to finish our duties even if our own complacency will make us do it in a less than safe manner. We’d rather fly under the radar so Administration will leave us alone than to point out a possible problem that may not be completed due to time constraints because of so many other duties which are mandated to be completed. But how can we show our true worth and fly under the radar when even to this day, as monthly staff searches continue, contraband is still being confiscated, giving the facade of proof that administration seeks to continue viewing line staff in the jaded way they have since the beginning of this new local administration.

How many times has this happened to you? :
You report to your assigned area to see that one of your regular partners called in. The person working has knowledge of other units, but to your knowledge has never worked in your area. You try to explain to them how things are done, but they still end up attempting to run their own program which goes against how things have been done in your area. Not only does this throw a monkey wrench into the program but it also creates a conflict between the working staff which inmates around are able to notice and possibly even attempt to exploit.

Every time I see this, I go back to a saying I heard a lot when at the academy – SLOW IS FAST. No one is trying to set up their partner and its not that you can’t do the job in the area. But if you aren’t used to the area you are working in, slow down and let the experienced officer run the show. He may have less time than you, but he may have more time in that area. Every one appreciates someone who is willing to step up and run the show, but it’s not your show. You don’t have to prove that you can work in any area and you’re the big man on campus no matter where you are. No matter who plays quarterback, it’s about going home safe and in one piece. Don’t become your own liability.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy without even knowing it. All the while institutional and state administration as well as Sacramento is sitting back saying ‘See… I told you’. They may carry as much, if not more blame than we as line staff, but guess where the finger will be pointed. It’s time we get real. Forget Checkers, let’s play Chess.
I’m Just Sayin…

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