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Monday, August 2, 2010


Miss Inmate Diva 2010
Yep.... No joke,or is the joke on us? CCWF, VSPW and CIW are holding a contest for the 'biggest inmate diva'. I received a copy of a flyer/Memo from CCWF stating the contest ,which informally started within the given units sometime in July, probably just seeing which inmates were sooo dramatic.

This contest is sponsored by the administration, CDW Peterson, who actually has officers involved as participants by hosting the event. I'm glad to see that even though furloughs have continued, we still don't have a contract, Arnie still wants to out source our inmates and the state doesn't have a budget in time and funding can be put aside so inmates can have a 'beauty' contest sponsored by institutional administration. I'm so glad to see that administration has their priorities straight.


Side story as it was told to me: This same CDW was transferred to CCWF after physically assaulting an officer for placing handcuffs on an inmate.

read more to see the actual Memo/flyer I received.

Actual  copy from CCWF
Pay attention to names and titles


Anonymous said...

The only person missing is Mathew Cates as the guest judge...

Anonymous said...

And is the population going to use thier cell phones to vote??