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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Operation Disconnect"

"Operation Disconnect" was in full force today for third watch DVI staff. To refresh your memory this will be a monthly event. Click here to view the memo from HQ.


Anonymous said...

Operation disconnect or flip flop. I'm waiting for strip searches, squat, and cough, to soon be apart of the monthly routine. When inmates can have an item that is contraband on the person of officers and free staff something is wrong. I hope no one was caught with fingernail clippers!

Anonymous said...

At our prison they are taking calculators and spell checkers. These are useful items for time cards and reports. One A.W. commented well they have computers for report writing, what do they need spell checkers for? Last time I checked, all of the computers are still in the warehouse moron!

Anonymous said...

DVI's current warden is big on sweating the small stuff.

An officer received an LOI for having a pair of nail clippers. Are you serious?!

The focus needs to be placed back on keeping inmates in check, and supporting officers, not pissing off the troops.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious a LOI for a pair of nail clippers! An item that is sold to inmates stains DVI personnel records for being in their possession. When will plastic forks, spoons, ink pens, water bottles, and soda cans become contraband for staff?

Hello management is there any body paying attention to this madness. Can someone do a reality check on DVI to see if the brain trust has really turned into mush. Backbones are disappearing at an alarming rate as well as the support for the staff.

These are scary times for those walking DVI's line. Because the inmates are not the only threat you have to take into consideration. With the inmates in front of you there is an equal threat that's suppose to be behind you in support.

There is something wrong when staff are expressing the fear of volunteering for an extraction team as a sure way of getting fired. It simply states they have lost faith in management and are afraid of doing there job when the use of force becomes applicable. Line staff should be able to respond to incidents free of such worries. They deserve the unwavering support of a proficient management team, Instead of the scapegoating posse that CDCR now seems to breed.