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Saturday, January 9, 2010


By C/O D. Terry From DVI

The citizens of California now have insight to the mentality of a Schwarzenegger Administration that is out of touch with reality. Judge Roesch decision that the furloughs are illegal prompted Aaron Mclear’s rant on civil servants being shielded from the tough economic times. Once again little effort or thought was put into a misleading response. Civil servants across the Golden State have been experiencing the tough economic times before the furloughs were imposed on them. Being employed by the State of California does not make an employee immune or exempt from the economic realities of these harsh times. Many families of civil servants had already tightened their financial belts to the point of being uncomfortable. While suffering through the tough economic times along with everyone else in the state of California and America. Mr. Mclear and Governor Schwarzenegger seems clueless of how many of those so called shielded workers have lost their homes, file for bankruptcy, and suffered other related incidents, before the Schwarzenegger Administration decided to abuse the Legislature’s failure to pass a budget.

The Arnold fancies himself saving California as if he is in one of his Hollywood action movies. He has casted the civil servants of California as the villains he is determined to defeat. His weapons are the abuse of his authority as Governor and the big stick of illegally imposed furloughs. Prior to the furlough being implemented, some civil servants were already in the process of choosing between paying bills or feeding, clothing, and sheltering their families. The first two furloughs insured civil servants would suffer even more financially related problems associated with the tough economic times they were already dealing with. The third imposed furlough became the drain that flushed many bank accounts. The contractual obligations the State of California entered with these men and women, had no clause that advised them that illegal procedures by their employer would deny them portions of their much needed wages.

Does the Schwarzenegger Administration take any responsibility for any of the negative effects its ill conceived policies have had on California. Partisan politics and close door sessions has yielded a disaster that will take decades to fully recover from. The deep rooted reactionary approach of governing in California has crippled the political machinery of the state. Where are the visionary representatives who have the will to do what is right and necessary to fix the problems confronting California? Proactive steps needs to be taken to get off the beaten path of the broken ill conceived misrepresentative style of politics we have come to know so well. The men and women on both sides of the political aisle need to do more than pointing fingers at each other. They all share in the failures that have put the Republic of California in its current fast forward downward spiral. Now is the time for all elected representatives to roll up their sleeves and be about doing the business for the people of California. Being out of touch with reality, has never been a feasible approach to governing. Because it disillusions the citizens while being a substantial roadblock to the progress needed to break the grip of California’s on going financial crisis.

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